Platinum Cannabis Nug Earrings

Platinum Cannabis Nug Earrings

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These hand-crafted earrings feature real nugs of Cannabis “dipped” in Platinum. 

quartz crystal tips

Strain: "OG Kush" Size:~3 in (length)

Sterling Silver earwire.

Please select your chain length. Scroll down for more pictures!

Each piece is made by hand and completely one-of-a-kind, featuring specific strains and natural gemstones. The work is bold and authentic, unapologetically representing the herb in its most royal and true form. Our pieces serve as a catalyst, helping to spark positive dialogue around the plant. Real high-fashion conversation starters.

Care instructions are simple. Take care of your piece. Best to remove before swimming, exercising  or bathing. Do not expose to extreme conditions. Contact us for more information.

Nothing we sell can be smoked or ingested in any way shape or form. Through a process of completely embedding and subjecting the flower to extreme heat, resin and electricity, the plant itself is completely destroyed and rendered enert, transforming it into art

This product is for artistic purposes only. It cannot be removed, smoked or ingested and does not contain THC. Through a process of entirely embedding the plant material in resin and metal, it has beed destroyed and rendered inert. First Amendment work of art, Freedom of Expression




Platinum Cannabis Nug Earrings